Service with a smile.

Barker Bespoke is dedicated to giving an exceptional experience to each of our customers. Our team is made up of friendly and knowledgeable individuals who are passionate about our products. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding face-to-face personal service.

The bespoke edge

Only a man who has owned a bespoke suit will know the confidence and allure that come with it. For those who have not yet, here is your chance. Barker Bespoke offers the highest quality garments made to fit each of our customers to perfection.

Unlike having a suit tailored after purchase, our suits are crafted to your measurements to be the perfect fit. Our customers' measurements are always taken by our experienced tailors, ensuring the best results every time.

Fashion fades while style endures

Our suits combine fresh styles with timeless designs. No matter the occasion, work or play, Barker Bespoke will have the ideal suit for the event. If it is not already a part of our collection, we will take great pleasure in designing it to your specifications.

Tim Wheeler – CEO