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What's In A Name?

What's In A Name?

There are numerous stories about the origins of the word bespoke. One suggests that the term dates from the 17th century, when tailors held the fill lengths of cloth in their premises. When a customer chose a length of material it was said to have ‘been spoken for’. Accordingly, a tailor who makes clothes individually to your requirements is called ‘bespoke’.

More commonly, it is thought that bespoke emerged as the past participle of bespeak; meaning ‘to speak for, to arrange beforehand’. In modern language, bespoke is used to describe many items that are custom made to specifications, rather than ready-made. It applies to shows, fine jewellery and, of course, suits. Bespoke gets to the heart of what we at Barker Bespoke think makes a beautiful suit – tailoring it directly to your needs.

A bespoke suit is an opportunity for you to express your own personality and style, whether you want something completely classic or a slightly modern edge. Here in our blog we seek to complement our fashion offerings with some general advice for the bespoke man on a range of fashion and lifestyle matters – if there is anything in particular you have been pondering and would like us to address please contact us.

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